Mega Airport Oslo V2.0 is a highly realistic recreation of the airport with a high level of detail based on the plans for the 2017 expansion.
Mega Airport Oslo V2.0 is a highly realistic recreation of the airport with a high level of detail based on the plans for the 2017 expansion. It includes sharp high resolution textures with beautiful night and seasonal textures. All based on photos taken at the airport. To make the airport come to life the scenery is filled with animations, passengers boarding and de-boarding your aircraft and more.



Oslo Airport has grown a lot in the last years. In February 2013 it surpassed Copenhagen as the busiest airport in the northern European countries for the first time. It has two parallel north/south runways. It connects more than 28 domestic and 100 international routes and serves as the main hub for Scandinavian Airlines and Widerøe.

The scenery features photo real terrain with night and seasonal variations to show the harsh environment during the winter.





  • Fully compatible with FSX and P3D
  • High quality models and photo real textures
  • High resolution runways and taxiways
  • Highly realistic night time effects
  • High resolution textures included as an option (2048)
  • All buildings and installations at and around the airport
  • Animations create a living atmosphere
  • Passenger boarding and deboarding animations
  • Terminal interior included in high detail
  • Seasonal textures included
  • Fully functional Docking System and departure countdown included
  • Compatible with all AI traffic packages
  • Static Aircraft included as an option


If you own the previous Mega Airport Oslo you are entitled to a 40% discount. You will need to enter you original serial code (box or download) when you buy the download version, so make sure you keep it on hand. 

Awards / Reviews:

Conclusion by
"Otherwise, just when I thought the previous version couldn`t possibly get any better, Jo swings into action and clearly shows just how much his talent has improved over the years. Oslo v.2 is a must buy for all Mega Airport fans! Also don`t forget, a new rendition of Trondheim Vaernes is on the way. Pair that with A-flight Helsinki, DFS Arlanda, and the upcoming Copenhagen from Fly Tampa and Scandinavia is alive and kicking!  Now if only we could get a proper Amsterdam going. Another Cloud9 product i`m still using!"

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System requirements:
Microsoft Flight Simulator X (SP2, Acceleration or Gold Edition) or Lockheed Martin Prepar3D (v1 or v2)
Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP
Processor with 3.0 GHz (Dual Core processor recommended)
2 GB RAM  (4 GB recommended)
3D graphics card with 256 MB (512 MB recommended)
Download-Size: 470 MB
Installation-Size: 550 MB


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